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You are a man. You’ve got a penis and an overwhelming desire to go out and have sex. Why should you even remotely be ashamed of this?

You see nature has purposely designed us to go forth and procreate so as to ensure the survival of the our race.

So you should not only be proud that you’re a guy, but you should also have enough libido to back it up!

But as I’m sure you’ll agree with me, men are wired very differently than women in the sense that guys are mostly creatures of visual stimulation. Women, one the other hand,  like the passionate and emotional side of sex, this we know for a fact.

For us guys, if you just give us a beautiful woman to look at, more often than not we’d love to sleep with her. Don’t take us wrong but we do take a lot of grief in/for this.

But if you sincerely feel this way then there’s no need to be ashamed at all about it. Just you remember that you have a penis and an overpowering longing to use it for its intended purpose – which is sex. So that’s a good thing!

So what if you can be able to keep this feeling forever? You know, like permanently have that awesome feeling that you really, really want to have sex.

Just what if you could prolong that mind-boggling , awesome, amazing sex you had in your youth? Or what if you’ve never had really earth shattering sex before in your life and you want to experience how it feels to be blown away in bed?

And then when you get it, how do you keep it forever, so that you can enjoy that kind of mind-altering sex well deep into your senior years?

Semenax, My friend. More to follow on this….

Review of benefits of volume pills before and after video buy best price bodybuilding discount codeYou see, the major key to the male-orgasm is semen. So the more semen you produce means that the core muscles involved in the orgasming process, that is from the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, to your ejaculatory ducts, to the primary muscles around your penis, are contracting and expanding more faster, with more intensity and for a longer period of time due to the sheer volume and force of your semen.

So basically the more semen you have, the longer, the more intense, and more pleasurable your orgasm will be.

Everybody knows that as you age, your semen production diminishes tremendously. Your sex drive doesn’t really quite fire up the same away when you’re fifty years old like it did thirty years earlier.

This is no secret. But the volume of semen that you produce has a really profound effect on the quality your sex life. Simply because when your semen volume lessens, your orgasms get shorter, dribbly and less frequent, and sex just isn’t the same like it used to be.

And that just won’t cut it!

Back In 1998 guys around the globe rejoiced with the introduction of Viagra, the little blue “magic” pill that rejuvenated male sex drives and produced massive erections. And sales were good, peaking upwards of $1 billion in 2001.

But remember Viagra is just another pharmaceutical drug, available only through a medical doctor. And at 20 bucks a pill it’s quite on the expensive side and requires the user to religiously plan each � sex session� like an hour in advance so as to give him enough time to pop one of them pills and to feel the full effect of it.

And let’s not get started on the harmful side effects that are associated with Viagra. They mostly include blurry vision, headaches and sometimes even hearing loss.

So Just imagine you’re paying twenty bucks a capsule, to schedule a sex appointment well in advance, and at the end of it all you risk losing your hearing and sight and suffer headaches while at it.


Now how about a better, safer and equally effective alternative? One that will have you ready to go with instant rock-hard erections, where ever and whenever  you choose to have them.

An alternative that also increases your semen production, and thus extends the pleasure and duration of your orgasm, without any ill side effects, an embarrassing and expensive trip to your doctor and is substantially more affordable?

Now This is where Semenax-pills comes in.

Consisting of a series of natural potent amino-acids and herbals used since the ancient times in China, South America  and Europe, Semenax-pills is a natural semen volume enhancer that increases both the volume of semen you produce and the quality and length of your orgasms.

You see unlike Viagra, which just simply gives you an erection, Semenax-volume pills complements that by also boosting semen production and your overall sexual quality and health. There’s no need to plan sex well in advance and wait around for the pill to fully kick in before you engage in sex. Just simply start using Semenax-pills today and you’ll always be ready to start firing in all cylinders.

And by the way, I cannot stress this point enough. Larger loads of cum always translate to longer and more intense and better quality male orgasms. And don’t forget how surprised and satisfied your partner will feel when you fill her up to the brim with your cum. So with Semenax-semen-volume-boosting-pills you’re always going to be ready to enjoy amazing,  awesome, mind-numbing sex, well into your elderly years.

And do you remember what we were saying a while ago about making that awesome, mind-numbing sex last forever EVER?

Yes, you can be AND you will be that stud forever. You will always start and finish like a porn-star and enjoy amazing sex, while still making your lover reach incredible heights of sexual pleasure that she  never thought were possible before you, and keep her there for as long as you desire.

With Semenax-volume-pills you’re a sex dynamo from the word go, and you always remain so.

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